Teaching Film in High School English Language Arts

“There is a pleasure in analysis, in unravelling, in thinking”
--Sally Potter, director of
Orlando (1992)


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FilmLit Teaching Guides

Chapter-by-chapter film analyses, discussion questions for class, assignments, exams, and much, much more!

  The recent mandatory inclusion of the study of film into the High School English Language Arts program has been a source of anxiety for many teachers:  what films do we teach?  what aspects of films do we teach?  what do our students need to know?  how do we catalyze thorough student writing on film?  what do I need to know and how will I learn it?
Purpose of this site:   An invitation

This site is for teachers who require some assistance in their teaching of film, and for those who want to share their ideas and assignments (and grab some new ones).  There’s a new vernacular to learn, and a new level of writing that we have to teach, and this site has been created to help you in this endeavour.

“We all understand the movies, but how do we explain them?”
French writer Christian Metz



This site is very much in its infancy stage; it can only grow with your contribution and support.  Feel free to post questions and innovative ideas to the discussion community!  If you find a new, informative website regarding film, email me so that I can add it to the files section!  Add to the growing bank of resources with your handouts, assignments, and examinations:  email me your documents (with your name in the header) and I will add them!  Remember, assignments and examinations will be in the public domain (that is, an enterprising student may indeed find them); if there is anything that you would like to share of a secured nature, I’ll provide the name of your document and an email link.

Thanks for coming—feel free to explore!