The Files section contains Word documents devoted to the study of film; feel free to download and use in class!

Terminology and Definitions:

Camera Movement in Film&Video - MS Word (26 KB)
Editing & Transitions - MS Word (23 KB)
Examining Mise-en-scene - MS Word (33 KB)
Film Shots and Angles - MS Word (26 KB)
Sound in the Movies - MS Word (22 KB)

Film: Teaching Resources:
Resources for Teaching Film - MS Word (48 KB)
General Assignments:

Memorable Movie Personal Response - MS Word (28 KB)
Scene Analysis Project - MS Word (23 KB)

Awakenings Assignments:
The Panther - MS Word (35 KB)
Awakenings Short Assignment - MS Word (23 KB)
Pleasantville Assignments:
Pleasantville Mural Assignment - MS Word (22 KB)
Searching for Bobby Fischer Assignments:
Searching For Bobby Fischer Assignments - MS Word (11 KB)
The Truman Show Assignments:
The Truman Show Short Assignments - MS Word (23 KB)
The Truman Show Major Essay - MS Word (28 KB)


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