12 Monkeys
Blade Runner

The Fisher King
Joe Vs. The Volcano

Searching For Bobby Fischer
What's Eating Gilbert Grape

General Film Information Sites:

Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database provides detailed information on films.
Screensite provides data on films, film conferences, archives, and useful links to other academic cinema sites.
American Film Institute (afi)
The American Film Institute offers recent industry news, events, educational seminars, and reviews.

British Film Institute (bfi)
The British Film Institute provides information on industry events, educational programs and links to Sight & Sound polls.

Scanning The Movies Study Guides http://www.chumlimited.com/mediaed/studyguides.asp

Scroll down halfway through the page to access Bravo's Scanning The Movies study guides, designed for in-class facilitation of the study of film.

Teach With Movies

Teach With Movies provides background information on, and discussion questions for, a variety of films.

Film Script Sites:                                                go to top
Many complete film scripts are available for download, for educational purposes only, from the Internet.  These sites provide a broad range of available scripts: go to top

Drew's Script-o-Rama: 

Awesome Scripts and Screenplays:  http://blake.prohosting.com/awsm/
Movie Scripts:  http://www.moviescripts.de/
Film-Specific Sites:                                             go to top
These sites provide specific information and supplements for various films:
12 Monkeys:                                                go to top
Joe Vs. The Volcano:                                      go to top
Searching For Bobby Fischer:                          go to top
What's Eating Gilbert Grape:                            go to top

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